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Each member should make an effort to attend at least 1 Regional District 8 meeting a year. The experience is very rewarding.


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Minutes from the October 10th Annual Meeting Have Been Posted.

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[From Bylaws of District 8] To encourage and promote the continuing interest and service of qualified and proven Past Commodores to their own yacht club and its activities without in any way usurping the authorities and responsibilities of the incumbent Officers, for the best interests of the Club.

Identify and share information on the many activities and sponsorships by the different District 8 Chapters

Develop and conduct a survey of District 8 Chapters, then communicate the results to all District 8 Chapters, active and in-active with the hope of inspiring Chapters to find new ways to be of service to their Clubs.

Summary – Many Chapters are involved in traditional activities, such as, Change of Watch and Fleet Review. A number of Chapters sponsor some interesting social events and fund raising events for Club projects.

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Chapters communicate any and all activities and ideas they are involved in to:
PC Bill Pittman, District 8 President Elect at jbnapleswi@aol.com


The May 2014 Gulf Stream Newsletter

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